Ranunculus and Hydrangea Buttercream flower cake

Ranunculus Buttercream flower wreath cake

Red Poppy Buttercream flower cake

Magical Unicorn Birthday cake

Heart shaped flower wreath cake for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day buttercream flower cake

Buttercream Camomile Flower Wreath cake

Pink Roses Buttercream bouquet cake

New Year’s Eve party cake

Buttercream Blue Roses Wreath cake

Buttercream Pinecone Christmas Wreath cake

Christmas Poinsettia Flower Cake

White Christmas wreath cake

Horn of plenty / Cornucopia cake

Red Roses Flower Wreath cake

English Roses Flower Wreath cake

Aster Flower Wreath cake

Harvest Buttercream Flower Wreath Cake

Buttercream Harvest Time Flower Wreath Cake

Halloween Buttercream Flower cake

ombre roses and chrysanthemums cake

chrysanthemums and berries cake

Water Lily cake

Buttercream Sunflower cupcakes

Cactus cupcakes

peony and poppy flower wreath cake

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  1. your cakes are amazing, what is your recipe for the buttercream you use to pipe flowers?


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